Saturday, August 25, 2012

Binalong Bay - Tasmania

This is my second submission for August 2012 Virtual Paintout Tasmania challenge. It's oil on 9x12 canvas panel.

The Tasmania I saw while visiting "virtually" was mostly landscape / ocean type scenes. This scene caught my eyes because of the interesting back lighting, the far away mountain and boats versus the near ground family playing at the beach as well as the big tree that seems to pull the two separate background and foreground scenes together. (ref)  The colors were less intense than my previous submission since I was mostly interested in trying to capture the sense of light.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bay of Fires, Tasmania

This is for Virtual Paintout, August 2012 Tasmania challenge. It's oil on 10x14 canvas panel.

I was virtually traveling on the north eastern coast line of Tasmania. The ocean was of a beautiful deep turquoise / teal color, so I thought I would do a painting trying to capture the color of the Tasmanian ocean using this scene (ref).  I took out my ocean colors such as cerulean, Old Holland Caribbean Blue, cobalt teal. I also added some hints of foot print in the sandy path to give more interest to the sand. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Coco and Tiger

When I visited California a few weeks ago, I visited my friend Kay who adopted a small kitten Coco from the Humane Society a few months ago. She was also cat-sitting another kitten Tiger whose owner was on vacation. Coco, with the pink collar, and Tiger are the best of friends, and they often play together and look outside together. 

Here they were both fascinated by something in the sky. I thought they were both so cute and I would paint them. I chose a dark background, with hint of a bookshelf indoor, while the cats were sitting on the window sill looking outside.  It's oil on 9x12 canvas panel.