Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Primosky Kray Leisure reading

This is for Virtual Paintout June 2014 Russia challenge. It's oil on size SM (15.8x22.7 cm) canvas.

I chose this relatively straight forward view of a man sitting on lawn chair reading a book, but with the background much simplified. (Ref)  With this character study I wanted to show strong color combinations, blue, orange-red, yellow. Plus it's almost summer, this will lead nicely into the summer season!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sunshine through the Woods

This painting was done referring to a painting in Mr. Abe Toshiyuki's water color art book. It's water color on 9x12 water color paper.

Mr. Tokshiyuki's water color works all have such zen like quality to them. In the book, he talked about using masking ink to block off areas for the leaves so all the deep colors can be added, and then with the masking ink removed, lighter colors can filled in at the end. I gave this technique a try a few days before his workshop this weekend. Plus, I'm memorizing as many of Japanese vocabularies as I can so that at least hopefully I won't be totally lost at the workshop, which will be held in Japanese. I'm really looking forward to it though.