Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Biking Along Valley Trail

This is my second submission to Virtual Paintout's Washington DC challenge. It's oil on 9x12 canvas panel.

For my second submission, I went to less tourist-filled areas, and came upon this cyclist next to a creek. (Ref) There was nice light and shadows there, so I decided to paint a cyclist again, despite the fact he was actually holding up the traffic in Google Maps. 

Started with a purple background color, I used palette knives for the scenaries, except for the cyclist whom I thought would be too small and too difficult to be properly done with knives. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Three Soilders at Korean War Memorial

This is for Virtual Paintout February 2014 challenge, Washington DC. It's oil on 10x10 in canvas panel.

Even though I had lived in the North Eastern part of US for a long time,  I've never ventured into Washington DC asides from transiting at the airport. There're lots of memorials, and the Korean War Memorial caught my eyes. The soilders sculptures had great postures and expressions, plus Google Street Map photos had good lightings. I found this scene (ref) with the three soilders that I thought would make a good painting. I used many of my grey palettes, plus warm white and Naples yellow for highlight.