Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catching the Wave

Since I will be doing a bit of traveling the end of this month, I decided to do some of these painting challenges early. This one is for Virtual Paintout's June 2010 challenge, Hawaii. It's oil on 10"x12" canvas board.

At this time, only the islands of Oahu and Maui have Google street map. What I saw in Google street map were mostly palm trees and beautiful beaches. Since I did palm trees a couple of months ago for the Canary Island challenge, I wanted to look for something more Hawaiian. I stumbled upon a place called the Wawamalu Beach Park on Oahu and there were people surfing and watching others surfing. (ref photo)

I had to compress the scene so that the main things I wanted to include, the cresting wave and the guy sitting on the bench, could fit onto my limited canvas. There are actually other interesting paintable scenes at this park that if I have the time, I may try to paint too. I also used several of my ocean blues: Old Holland's carribean blue, coeruleum, also some prussian blue, ultramarine violet, and whites. I also used a small fan brush for the flying ocean mist, and palette knife for the sea foam. Gold orchre and raw sienna were the base color for the golden beach.


  1. What a great painting!
    Looks totally Hawaiian to me!

  2. Great composition. I love how you take us with the man on bench's direction to view and watch the surfers. It's like being there and watching this whole scene unfolding time after time. Wonderful scene. Your waves and splashing foam are beautiful.

  3. Browsing back through past Virtual Painouts, I just came upon this amazing surf scene. The sense of light is sensitive and spectacular. Then you top it off with very convincing reflections of the two surfers coming down the wave. Brilliant. Very impressive.

    I feel like I need some sun screen! :-)