Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sengekontacket View

We've been coming to Martha's Vineyard every year, and I always wanted a painting of the view over Sengekontacket pond. Now I can paint, I decided I would give it a go. This is painted with oil on 18x24" stretched canvas.

In actuality, the view is a lot wider than my 18x24 canvas, so I had to compress the scene. I wanted to capture the water view in the background, as well as the flower bed and lawn. The cut flower garden is not as colorful when we went this year as some of the prior years, so I dug out a picture from a couple of years ago.

Also, the massive lawn was a bit problematic since that was so much green and it would be kinda boring with all green lawn in the foreground. So I decided to include part of the shadow of an old pine tree, which sits a little further back in the yard. The dark shadow on the right I thought would balance out the darker tone trees on the left.

Again, I started with a rough sketch of where things should be and then with a yellow orchre under layer. Trees and vegetations were painted with big blocks of color. Our view this year is block by a lot of wild trees which need to be topped. So I topped them in my painting first.

The lawn was still a bit problematic for me since it originally didn't look very grassy. At the end I decided to use a small fan brush and put in more texture using color such as sap green, viridian, gold orchre, french ultramarine etc. I also added into tree holes for the tree shadow so that I don't have a solid clump of dark mass on the grass.

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