Thursday, May 31, 2012

Man and the Mirror

This is for Virtual Paintout, May 2012 Jerusalem Israel challenge. It's oil on 8x10 canvas panel.

This was the first scene I picked out to paint from the Old City in Jerusalem. (ref) I liked the man's reflection in the mirror and the lights casted on the man. However, I decided against it initially  because I could not see the man's face clear enough as Google blurred out all the faces, and the face would be such an important part of this painting.

After I've done the previous two paintings for this month's Virtual Paintout, I went back to look this man again. The profile of this man reminded me of someone, and then it dawned on me: Uncle Leo from the sitcom "Seinfeld"! So I looked up Uncle Leo in Google Images and got some pictures of Uncle Leo and I can finally put a face to this man. This is a more benign version of him since Uncle Leo tended to be very animated in the sitcom. To keep this painting simple so I can get done in two days time, I dropped everything else around the man except for the mirror and his reflection.

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