Monday, August 30, 2010

Three Peaches

This is for Rookie Painter August 2010 challenge. It's oil on 8x10 canvas board.

The original reference photo had a few more items in it. (ref photo) I thought about rearranging the other items, such as the gold vase and black pot, but I thought the painting would be quite complicated, and I may run out of time. So I decided to keep it simple, and just painted the three peaches.

Like the cherry challenge before, I wanted to make the fruit look as tangible and juicy as possible, especially given that I can't eat them anymore. (I developed allergies to things like cherries and peaches, sigh.) So you may say these paintings represent my longing to eat these fruits.

The color I used inlcuded lemon yellow, orange, windsor red deep, alizarin, madder, ultramarine violet, and a touch of ultramarine blue, yellow orchre and white. The background is a white with a tint of green, to make the peaches pop more (hard to see in the photo). Shadows are combination of portland grey and ultramarine voilet, and a touch of orange.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful rendering & shading. I want to reach out & grab the front one to take a bite! How sad you developed an allergy to these fruits. I can't do citrus (oranges, grapefruit) for the same reason - I find I almost crave them more than any other fruit!