Monday, February 14, 2011

Apples and Metal Jar

This is for Rookie Painter Feb 2011 challenge. It's oil on 6x8 canvas board.

This month's challenge is back to still life, with red and green apples and a reflective metal jar. (ref photo) I decided to do this challenge a little earlier this time since there are a couple of other challenges that also seem interesting I want to see if I squeeze into Feb. House renovation also added in additional distraction this month.

The apples are mixture of alizarin, madder, Windsor deep red, cadmium yellow pale, cadmium orange, sap green, lemon yellow, ultramarine violet and ultramarine blue. For the jar, I also added some Paynes grey. This was a good exercise to practice light, shadow, spheres and reflections.
PS. I realized after I had submitted to Rookie Painter that I might have gotten carried away a little bit with my highlights on the apples. So the version shown here I have toned down the highlights.


  1. Very well done, gorgeous colors.

  2. This is really beautiful. I tried this challenge also, and failed in my reflections in the metal. Yours is really well done!