Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shepherd in the Snow

This is for Feb 2011 Virtual Paintout challenge, Romania. It's oil on 10x12 canvas board.

When browsing in Goggle Map, I found that Romania had an interesting mix of different climates: from sunny beaches by the Black Sea to the snowy mountains in the middle of the country. At the end I was debating between a beach scene and this snow scene (ref photo). I chose this one since I have not done too many snowy paintings. What caught my eyes with this scene were not only the herd of sheep and the mountain scenary, but also interesting color choice of the shepherd's outfit: purple and green.

First I started my canvas with an acrylic ground of a purplish brown. Then for oil paint I used a rather muted palette: violet gray, Portland grays, white, sap green, sepia, asphaltum, ultramarine violet, and yellow orchre were the main color. Viridian and ultramarine violet were the main color for the fashion forward shepherd. I also used palette knife to add edges to the painting for the fence and branches.


  1. Rebecca, As usually this is a wonderful painting. I like that you always include a link to your reference photo.

  2. What a fabulous scene you found to paint in this months VPO! I love it!