Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Edgartown Lighthouse and Sailboat

We have been on Martha's Vineyard almost every summer. This year I finally decided to do a painting on the famous lighthouse in Edgartown. This is oil on 18x24 stretched canvas.

We visited the Edgartown lighthouse in mid afternoon, so the sun was starting to cast a side shadow. The summer beach roses were in full bloom. I took a few pictures, and the pictures reminded so much of a painting of Edgartown Lighthouse by the great Ray Ellis, who lives on Martha's Vineyard. The color and composition for this painting was inspired by an Ellis painting.

We were fortunately enough to have met Ray this summer at a gallery on Water Street in Edgartown. He was even nice enough to tell me the palette he typically used. Of course I had to get his autograph, took a picture with him and bought a few of his books, which I'm going to study some more in detail!

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  1. This is lovely, Rebecca. I can almost feel the gentle breeze and smell the sweet fragrance of the roses. Thanks for sharing.