Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two White Peonies

This is for Rookie Painter, August 2011 challenge. It's oil on 11x16 canvas panel.

When looking at the reference photo (ref photo), I wanted to try to capture the luminescence quality of the flowers. Having so many patels made the peonies hard to paint. The values between light and shadow were so close, and thus additional complexity.

When painting the flowers, I actually made the value difference between light and shadow a little more pronounced for ease of painting (still not that easy) and also to give the flower more definition, rather then just a couple of white blobs. I also lightened up the background a little for the smaller flower on top trying to avoid having the painting too bottom heavy. The main colors were naples yellow, coral, Gamblin's radiant red, ultramarine violet, violet grey, sap green, ultramarine blue, van Dyke brown, burnt umber, yellow orchre and white.


  1. I love how you rendered the peonies. You did a great job painting the values in the petals and also the space behind the top flower.
    I have the reference photo saved in my computer but did not dare to attempt it yet, for all the tricky complexities you listed... :)

  2. You did a wonderful job on this challenge. Flowers with so many petals often...scare me away. You must have loads of patience. Simply beautiful!