Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sled Dog Winter Scene

This winter scene was done at Anastasia Art House. It's oil on 24x20" stretched canvas.

At the Art House, we had a choice to do a winter scene for the purpose of printing holiday cards. I always liked Monet's Magpie. It's a snowy winter scene with many shades of white. However, I didn't want to simply just copying Monet's work. So I changed the composition a little bit. I took out the Magpie sitting on the fence. Instead, I added sled dogs and some people in the background. The additional scene was based on a photo my friend Caroline took last year when she went dog sledding with her friend in Norway. I made the two runaway sled dogs to be the foreground focus. The sunlit snow was mainly lemon yellow mixed with white, while the snow in shadow was combination of blue grey, violet grey, and green grey. The background trees were warmer and based on violet red. Other colors used included van Dyke brown, ultramarine violet and blue, and yellow orchre.

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  1. Honest, I did not remember Monet's madpie, I had to look it up, and sure enough I got the confirmation that you did a great job rendering the scene. I like the addition od the sled dogs and the people. Nice work!