Saturday, July 21, 2012

Daisies in Clay Pot

This is for Still Life Workshop July 2012 challenge. It's oil on 9x12 canvas panel.

The summer has been busy with so many trips, family visits, kids camps etc. It's been hard to find time to paint, but I thought I had to do this nice exercise on daisies in clay pot (ref), plus I get to try out some new colors I bought from Blicks a few weeks ago.

I wanted this little painting to have some contrasting colors, such as blue vs orange (background cloth vs pot), and yellow vs purple (warm color daisy petals vs those in shadow and the lavenders). For the flower petals, I used palette knife to put in heavy paint to make the flowers stand out more.


  1. I like very much your arte. Thanks

  2. Hello Rebecca:)You did a great job on the choice of the colors! Beautiful:)

  3. Beautiful painting! Loved the colors on the pot.