Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Zhou Zhuang Traffic

We went to Zhou Zhuang 周庄 in China last year. Zhou Zhuang is about an hour drive outside of Shanghai, and is known to be the Venice of China because of its many canals. People there travel via water taxi, Chinese style.  

We took many pictures during trip, and this view from a bridge I thought was interesting to paint, with the strong light on the left vs shadow on the right, the perspective element, and the many boats that seemed to be all jammed up.

I first used texture paste for the roof, palette knives were used to add in texture for the walls. This work was done at Anastasia Art House, and is oil on 24x30 canvas.


  1. Wow, this a beautiful painting Rebecca! Love the colors and the composition. The red danglers (I don't know what they are!)add interest to the scene.

  2. Muy bellos colores, mucha fuerza en la imagen. Felicitaciones.