Sunday, July 27, 2014

Marvin Szmit White Church by Ocean

This is my second submission for July 2014 Virtual Paintout challenge, it's watercolor on Arches paper.

When I saw this little white church by the ocean (ref), I was a bit torn. I liked the white and blue contrast that is very Greek, however, it's a bit clichÄ— and I saw many paintings on VP with similar subjects already. However I still decided to go ahead because I thought the wall of the white church is perfect for water color, and I wanted to see how intense and saturated of a blue I can get the sky to be with water color. I also used masking ink during the painting process to reserve the white spots in the middle of darker colors, such as the crosses on the door. There was a blemish on the water color paper unfortunately and that had shown through on my sky. Next time I will experiment with other types of water color paper.

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