Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brick and Leave

This was for April Word Press challenge, it's oil on 8"x10" canvas board. The reference picture was a brick wall, with some pipes and leaves. At first I was like, oh geez, what am I gonna do with this brick wall. Then I recently checked out a book from the library on Georgia O'Keeffe, since I am doing an abstract flower painting at Anastasia Art, and I had no idea how to do an abstract painting.

O'Keeffe did many abstract flower paintings, and she bascially enlarged the object so big and she only painted a portion of the object and people had to look at the painting closely to see what it is. She had several paintings with leaves, showing veins and light and shades. So I thought, I would do a Georgia O'Keeffe on this brick wall. Of course mine is nothing like the great master.

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