Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Street Violinist

This is for Virtual Paintout June 2012, Latvia challenge. It's oil on 10x12 canvas panel.

This is my second submission to this month's challenge. I saw this young street violinist outside of the Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Riga, Latvia (ref), and I thought it would made an interesting painting. (After I started on the work, I realized another artist had also done a violinist painting, using a different approach. My approach was very different, so I kept going.) 

I've made a number of changes from the Google Maps photo. I made the walls darker so that the violinist's sweat shirt and pants won't blend too much into the wall color. I've also lightened up her hair so her hair wouldn't blend into the now darker walls. I've also added a few pigeons, which appeared in a different frame around the same area in Google Maps.

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